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Types of neurological disorders:

● Epilepsy: It is a kind of neurological disorder which is characterized by unpredictable and unprovoked seizures. Among its most commonly known causes are brain injury or family tendency and can affect people of all ages. With the help of medication, proper care, and dietary therapies, it can be kept under control.

● Stroke: A more serious kind of neurological disorder, it is often classified as benign or malignant according to the grades. The higher the grade number, the more aggressively the tumour behaves.

● Parkinson’s disease and Movement disorders: A progressive nervous system disorder, it affects the movement by causing severe dexterity and speech issues as it advances. Although it can’t be cured, but with proper medication and care, the patient’s condition can be controlled and even improved over a period of time.

● Spinal cord tumour: It is referred to formation of abnormal mass of tissues in the spinal cord area. The areas that get affected the most by it are cervical, lumbar, sacrum & thoracic and it can grow from non-cancerous to cancerous if not treated in time.

● Memory disorder and Cognitive disorder: Memory disorders can range from mild to severe causing memory lapse from time to time. Its cause can be attributed to a number of factors including nutritional deficiencies, reaction to medication, deteriorating mental health and excessive substance abuse among others. Its conditions include dementia, Alzheimer and depression..

● Multiple sclerosis and Demyelinating disorde: A potentially disabling disease of the brain and the spinal cord, it is caused due to attack of the immune system on the protective sheath that covers nerve fibres. As the problem progresses, the brain loses its ability to communicate with the rest of the body leading to permanent damage to the nerves.